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1.Levitation of Lady
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Levitation of a Lady

This product is not free. About the price please contact us. 
Shipping is not free for this product.
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This is Levitation illusion is the original illusion created and designed by Viktor Voitko.
This is the most compact and most universal levitation in the world.


All the necessary goods for this illusion packed in one box which

is transforming to the podium for levitation ! It's two in one !

Total wight of this box is 105 kg. Transporting size is 114cm/53cm/48cm.

Stage's size of Levitation podium is 150-150 cm.

l1.jpg    l2.jpg 

This Levitation includes a table and a chair, wind machine, book, light from table

and small ventilator inside the table.


Smoke machine is not included. Appearing and vanishing of magician are not included.

At the moment  I am working for new appearance  and disappearance of magician
for beginning and end of this act so nearest time it will be on stock too. 
l4.jpg   l5.jpg 
Everything works from 12W rechargeable battery.

The device for charge the batteries are included ( 220 V ).

You don't need a cable. 
Set up of this Levitation system is easy. The preparation time for stage work is 20 minutes.

You don't need assistant for controlling of the levitation of lady.

You control the flight yourself. You don't need backdrop.
In this illusion included some DVD with huge material - how prepare to works, how to rehearsal,
how to works, how to make right dress and a  lot of advise.
Also there is included my original moves and combination which I am using in my act.
Term of manufacturing of the Levitation is 35-45 working days
after reception prepayment.
Magic Levitation. Performed by Jeff Lee.
Response about the Levitation of a Lady :
20th August 2009.  Jeff Nelson ( USA ) wtote :

"Dear Viktor,


The levitation is absolutely wonderful and we are excited to include it in our shows.


You are a great artist and a mechanical genius. The illusion is a masterpiece.

We really love the illusion even more now that we see what you have put into creating it.

The 1st DVD is excellent and explains the setup clearly.

Thanks for your help and we appreciate all the advice

and your continuing to improve the illusion for our use.


Your service has been excellent."



Jeff Nelson



The first appearance of new system of a Levitation on a stage.
Eurovision Ukraine preselection 2009 Final.
This product is not free. About the price please contact us. 
Shipping is not free for this product.
Special price for shipping.