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Vanishing SnowStorming Fan

Vanishing SnowStorming Fan

Art.No.: 268
The great trick for Christmas and New Years show!
€ 750.00

Trick + video instruction

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days)



"The revolution of snowstorm in China!

This classic of magic has been brought to new heights with incredible features of the Snowstorming fan."

                             Laurent BERETTA MONTE CARLO MAGIC STARS

Vanishing  SnowStorming Fan 


 Appearing SnowStorming Fan 

This classic of magic has been brought to new heights with incredible features of the snowstorming fan.

3 killer effects in a row !
Firstly a BIG fan appears...
Secondly a lot of confetti snowstorm out of nowhere!!!

As an unexpected climax the fan vanishes in less than a second in a sky-high burst of confetti!
It's the ultimate climax to any act and will close a show with an incredible image!
Comes complete with everything you need:
Beautiful, sturdy fan
Special holder to make the fan appear.
Special mechanism to make the fan vanish
Special mechanism to make the final, sky-high burst of confetti
Comes with a superb tuxedo belt that really adds class
Extremely detailed DVD instructions with performance and handling tips.

Please note these revolutionary points:
No extra confetti load from your hands, everything is self contained:
just make the fan appear and everything flows until the climax.

We recommend strongly to watch teahcing DVD before using.

Produce the fan! A fan appears... then confetti... a lot of confetti!                                           
Snowstorming automatically!!! Easy to prepare and perform! You can perform this in the middle of your act!
A great and beautiful finish to any act! The fan is vanishing in less than a second!   

Vanishing SnowStorming Fan includes:

1.Special hand-made strong fan with gimmick for appearance and vanishing fan and special gimmick for snowstorming.

2.Confetti for fan and for final confetti shot.

3.Special gimmick for vanishing fan and final confetti shot. 

4.Pack of confetti. 

5.BLANK CARTRIDGES ( 6mm diametr/22 calibre ) - 5 pcs.

4.Stages black covering belt for cover vanishing gimmick.

5.Teaching DVD

You need  BLANK CARTRIDGES ( 6mm diametr/22 calibre ) for final confetti shot, like this one on these sites



You can choose a colour of a fan:
Silver / Dark silver / Gold 



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