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Airborne Real Bottle 2.0

Airborne Real Bottle 2.0

Art.No.: 62
New life for an amazing classic trick!  
€ 250.00

Trick + Prop + Downloading video instruction

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days).




We have improved our gimmick. 

We made it even more reliable. 

We also made a special napkin and bottle cap for this gimmick.


"It's really FANTASTIC - having done airborne for 30 years this is by far the most advanced and best I've ever used and seen. "

                                       Paul Romhany. Editor VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE

We upgraded the old effect to a new level.

The glass moves up and down while a stream of champagne is pouring into it.

Now you can show this trick almost impromptu pretty much with any ordinary champagne bottle.

After the performance, the audience can check the bottle.

This is a small electronic device with a rechargeable battery.

One battery charge allows using this gimmick more than 100 times.

The glass moves up and down, controlled by you with the help of two buttons.

There is no hook in our device. The items are connected automatically with a magnet. 


Important. Any bottle is not included



- Almost any real an ordinary standart champagne bottle can be used

- Small electronic device with rechargeable battery

- No hook, automatic magnetic connection

- Glass moves up and down

- Glass floating controlled with two buttons

- It can be performed impromtu

- Bottle can be checked by the audience after the performance

- 1 Charge - 100 Performances

Charging by waterproof type C                                                                                              

Easy to use



Review. Paul Romhany ( Editor VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE ).


The SET includes:

1 x Gimmick for bottle

1 x USB charger

1 x Set for preparation

1 x Specially made a glass

1 x Specially made a napkin

1 x Specially made a cork for the bottle



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