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B Candle On/Off

B Candle On/Off

Art.No.: 487
B Candle With Remote Ignition and Extinguishing
€ 380.00

Props + Video instruction 

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (shipins out within 5-8 business days).

Remote Candle that ignites on remote and extinguishes on remote as well, an incredible amount of gimmicks can be performed with little or no magic skills. It turns out it is for huge magic shows since I have made it for Hollywood movies and they loved it! It is reliable, made of high-quality components so you can perform and play with it the whole day.



B Candle On/Off  Specifications:

  • Using 3.7V Classic Battery you can replace anywhere
  • Remote Controller for On & Off
  • The tank can hold fuel up to 12 hrs on Gasoline!
  • Up to 7 min of a continuous flame
  • Weight 150gr
  • A candle is separatable from candlestick

This set includes:

Candle - 1

USB Charger - 1

Remote Control - 1



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