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SLider v.2

SLider v.2

Art.No.: 400
A new system for the appearance/disappearance and the visible flight of various objects (suach as cards, coins, bills, spoons, forks and much more...)
€ 50.00

Trick + video instruction  

Estimated Delivery Time: 
15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days)

Some effects.

1.A spectator signs a coin and coin moves from the one hand to the other in three different ways. And at the last move the coin slides on a chest of the magician from one side to another.

2. The spoon visible moves on your chest from one hand to other hand.

SLiDER v.2 and Crazy TIE. FISM ASIA 2017, GIFU Japan. LIve.

Crazy TIE and SLiDER v.2

SLiDER v.2

New system  for appearance disappearance visible flight of various objects - cards, coins, bills, spoons, forks and much more...
*for stage magic
*for restaurant magic
*close-up magic and much more...  

Slider set includes:
- DVD-instruction
- Slider system 
- New holder for Slider system

- two jumbo coins for routines

- special metal part for normal coins.



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