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The Phantom Hand 2.0

The Phantom Hand 2.0

Art.No.: 94
Stylish bracelet with integrated electronic device for invisible thread close up work..Don’t miss out on the ultimate Phantom Hand. 
€ 200.00

Device + Downloading video instruction

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days ).

New edition

We changed the design of the bracelet, making it universal for different wrist sizes.

This is the ultimate device for invisible thread close up work.

Stylish bracelet with integrated electronic device for invisible thread close up work.

After years of engineering and trial and error, we finally invented the best gimmick that makes the invisible thread on invention for all magicians.

It’s the ultimate device for performing invisible thread magic, animation, floating objects, rising card and many other invisible thread effects.

We all know how easy it is to break the thread. With this new bracelet and with new techiques mastered by Jean Xuref , thread work has never been easier and safer.

Motorized wrist worn bracelet (years in design and testing).

No more fear of breakage, losing loops or snagging a reel.

This is a breakthrough in invisible thread technology.

Put it on to start the day and you are always ready to do miracles, even in short sleeves.

Completely  silent and very practical to use even for magicians who are afraid of making effects with invisible thread. 

Breakage is minimized and the rare break is easily repaired in seconds. 

You can use it any time and anywhere with no preparation whatsoever.


THE PHANTOM HAND comes with 20 cm wrist circumference plus a magnetic extension in case your wrist is bigger than 20 cm.

Extremely comfortable to wear, for all wrist sizes.

Rechargeable, built-in lithium battery.

- Suitable for everyday wear

- Stylish design

- Perfect for close up work

Completely  silent and very practical to use

This set includes:

Patented Phantom Hand device - 1

USB charger - 1

The spool with 15 meters invisible thread and one spool refill with an extra 15 meters invisible thread - 1

Metal 3M sticker to decorate your bracelet as you like - 1

Magnetic extension in case the bracelet does not fit with your wrist’s circumference - 1

New original routines explaned - 1



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