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Portable 'Miser's Dream' Coins Bucket

Portable 'Miser's Dream' Coins Bucket

Art.No.: 190
We have created a compacted folding bucket with the best coin sound.This is a precision-made quality product.SOLD OUT
€ 190.00


Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days).


Limited quantity.

  " This is ingenious! I have now put Misers Dream back in my act and can travel with this now around the globe. There is no reason for me not to perform one of my favourite routines now thanks to this new champaign bucket. The fact it folds and opens easily is great but the ring tone is what really makes me love this. "

             Paul Romhany. Editor VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE

We have created a perfect product any magician who performs the Miser's Dream magic trick is dreaming about.

We have created a compacted folding bucket with the best coin sound.

This is a precision-made quality product.

      Magic Review. Paul Romhany. Editor VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE

Magic Review. Paul Romhany ( Editor VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE ).

For an easy transportation, your bucket becomes three times smaller when folded.

The most important feature of this bucket is the realistic “ring” of a coin. 


Material: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Size: Diameter: 225 mm,

        Bottom diameter: 175 mm,

Height: In a working state: 230 mm, 

                In a folded state: 80 mm


- Non-magnetic, non-toxic, no rust and easy to clean.

- A stylish bucket is made of stainless steel.

- Inside and outside polished, refined workmanship and generous, can be used as gifts, artwork, etc.

- The bucket is packed in an elegant bag and a gift box.

Note: No coins are included to this bucket set.

Shipping: the product has a dimensional weight: …. Kg

The actual product weight: 0.6 kg




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