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Art.No.: 61
You get a burning business card from the card holder.
€ 130.00


Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days).

You can get a burning business card from the card holder.

You can use your business card. 

You can also get burning money from this holder.

You can use this holder regularly for business cards, as well as for a stunt or tricks.

There are several reasons to choose our device.

*You do not need to pre-prepare a business card for appearing with fire. You just put a card in the holder and you're ready to show.

*Special design of the card holder allows him to keeps the patrol inside for more than 24 hours.

*100% works.

*One battery charge allows you to make more than 200 fires.

" The safest and most reliable way to hand out your business card to show it is 'hot' "

Review. Paul Romhany ( Editor VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE ).


- Available in two versions.

- Size of holders about 6cm*9,5cm*1,2cm.

- You can put inside in the Aluminum Case 3-4 your extra business card.

- You can put inside in the Steel Case 1-2 your extra business card.

- You can use your business card.

- Your business cards should be paper without gloss and laminate.

- Battery is rechargable

- One charge - more than 100 fire

- Requires Zippo petrol

- One petrols setup needed for 24 hours

No flash paper

Please select your holder case:

- Silver Shine ( stainless steel )

- Black Shine ( stainless steel ) 

This set includes:

Special Holder - 1
Bottle for petrol - 1
USB Charger - 1



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