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Flash Wand

Flash Wand

Art.No.: 371
Find your own effect with our incredible Flash Wand!
€ 25.00


Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days).

An instant disappearance or transformation of a magic wand into various objects! You are limited by the objects’ size and your imagination only!


Find your own effect with our incredible Flash Wand!



Here are only a few effects we suggest:


- Total disappearance of the magic wand

- Transformation into a small magic wand

- Transformation into confetti

- Transformation into a ball or cards for manipulation.

- Transformation into a drinking straw for a party

- Transformation into different fruits

- Wand’s color change


The Flash Wand can fade or transform into other objects instantly or slowly.



 - Fades quickly or slowly

 - Made of soft-coated metal

 - Length - 40 cm, width - 3 cm

 - Flash Wand is not only a trick itself, but also a great accessory for a magician.


This set includes:

Magic Wand - 1

Magic wand small - 1



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