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Boris's holder

Boris's holder

Art.No.: 198
This is a special holder with a specially made cockroach (with a magnet).
€ 25.00


Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days).


This is a special holder with a custom made cockroach (with a magnet).

The most important advantage of this gimmick is that your cockroach is always ready to work, you don't have to change the adhesive base or worry about whether the cockroach sticks to the hand of the spectator every time you use it.


The adhesive base does not touch the walls of the holder and due to this the number of times the cockroach can be used with one stick increases.


You can carry the holder in your pocket or on your trouser belt.





  - Always ready to do the trick.

  - Fast reset.

  - Reusable.

  - Compact.

  - Two types of wearing gimmicks.

  - Custom made cockroach with magnet


This set includes:

Custom made cockroach with magnet -1

Special holder – 1

Mini reel – 1



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