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Magic Canvas  ( The Face Painting )

Magic Canvas ( The Face Painting )

Art.No.: 91
The Magic Canvas is a great piece of magic.
€ 1900.00

Trick + Prop + the video instruction


Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days).

SOLD OUT.  PRE-ORDER. Manufacturing time one month.

 "If you're looking for a practical, esthetic and effective appearance of your partner, this is one of the very best on the market."

The sipping is not free for this products. Special price for the shipping.

The Magic Canvas is a great piece of magic and theatrical equipment and comes complete with everything you need to perform the effect right away: a painted frame is located on an easel. It's taken away (showing the empty easel) and replaced by a blank frame. The magician then skillfully draws the outline of a beautiful girl with a piece of chalk. A cloth is whisked at the drawing and in less than a second the picture disapears and out comes your beautiful assistant!

Features of the illusion:

Easily learned and rehearsed in less than a day's work 
Drawing is easy with special features 
Can be performed on small and large stages 
Light weight (about 25 pounds max for the illusion (without the crate)) 
Easily assembled 
Beautiful finish, brushed alluminium  
DVD instructional included. 

As an added bonus, there are also extra gimmicks to make the illusion even more powerful using black art lighthing.
For a small investment you can get one of the best and audience tested illusions on the market today.


1.Is the illusion that you are selling and the one we see on your promotion 
the exact one which was used by Double Fantasy? Did you make it for 
1. Yes.

2. On the website, what do we see attached to the right leg on the 
2.The piece of fabric attached on the right side of the easel used to hide the assistant from the side.

3. What size is the illusion once disassembled? How quick is set up?
3. To set up the props you need 10 min. The size: one tube 20x140cm and one box 65x65x13cm.

4. What is the total height of the easel once assembled?
4. The total height of the easel once assembled is 180cm.

5. Is the actual size of the framed canvas 65 x 65? This seems quite 
small to be able to hide the assistant? They look rectangular. What is 
their actual size and do they need to be assembled?
5. The actual size of the framed canvas is 110x80cm. The frame is assembled.

6. What are the sightlines like? Can you have audience on the side?
6. Desirable have an angle of a review 110-120 degrees.

7. Is there a maximum height/weight for the assistant?
7. The assistant has to be no more than 170cm and 60kg.

8. Can you use it / draw on it repeatedly? ie. unlimited number of 
8.After every perfomance, you have to wash the picture and then you can use it again and again.

9. Once you have washed the picture, how long do you have to wait for 
it to dry before you can use it again? What's the minimum time between 
9. Minimum 15 min. Depend on conditions. You can dry it by fan.

10. Do you provide the chalks? Is there an image on the canvas to follow 
/ trace?
10. We provide one peace of chalk.

11. Do you have to perform it in front of a black background?
11. You can use a black background but it is not necessary.

12. If used without the black background, does the illusion still have 
the full effect? Does it give away the illusion? Why is the piece of 
material on the bottom right who is used to hide the partner not 
12. Without the black background, the illusion still have
the full effect. As you can see on the video (from TV5 France).

13.You advertising on your Web site next to the price says free 
Shipping, so we trust you will honour that.
13. Yes we have free sending for our goods, behind an exception illusions
(the Magic Canvas, the Lady Levitation, the Magic Umbrella and others).
We send by ÒNT the company, delivery of 10 working days. We should
know the exact address of delivery then we can tell the exact shipping cost.

14. What guarantee do you give?
14. Guarantee is 10 years, if carry out the props.



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