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The Super DeLuxe Flying Ring Set.

The Super DeLuxe Flying Ring Set.

Art.No.: 91
For the first time Victor Voitko reveals the secrets of his prize-winning FISM act.  
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€ 650.00

Trick + DVD + Prop

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New Flying Ring


The Flying Rings by Charlie Frye

The Super DeLuxe Flying Linking Rings Set includes:
- six
 special rings made from polished aluminium  

- two special bags for rings
- one special gimmicks
- one DVD Light for Invisible thread ( second edition)


and SAVE more than 150 euro.

You can use the one set for rehearsals and trainings.

You can 
use  the second set for performances. 

The description of the Super DeLuxe Flying rings:

This set is made from polished aluminium .
These rings look and sound like really stainless steel rings.

Rings diameter is 34cm (13.4 inches).

One special Key Ring with an original Victor Voitko's idea for quick opening and
closing with one hand and immediate showing of the connected rings.
One ring is gimmicked for the soaring. The third ring is ungimmicked.

On this DVD Victor reveals the secrets of his acts, explains the correct methods
of the work, shows many combinations with one ring, with two rings and with three
rings. Also explained is the correct way of setting the light and selecting background
for invisible thread.

- no special background needed
- no stage hookups needed
- no assistants needed
... only you and your imagination...

The Flying Rings by JORGE BLASS

The Flying Rings by Daniel Ka.

The Flying Rings by Luna Shimada

Flying Rings by Gustavo Vierini

Flying Rings by Howard Blackwell

Flying Rings by Wander Rabelo



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