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AiR SnowStorm + Confetti

AiR SnowStorm + Confetti

Art.No.: 293
Need a Final for your pefomance?Are you performing a confetti storm?Looking somethong for a magical atmosphere?Event for children right at your home? You will need our AiR SnowStorm device.
€ 210.00

Prop + Video instruction

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days).


This set includes AiR SnowStor and one pack of Confetti.


Need a Final for your pefomance?

Are you performing a confetti storm?

Looking somethong for a magical atmosphere?

Event for children right at your home?


You will need our AiR SnowStorm device.



This compact device works on a three batteries.


It has the remote control.


Put confetti inside the device and fix it on top of the stage or direct on the chandelier at home.


You just need to press a button on the remote control to get started.


Magical atmosphere guaranteed.


Before each performance, you need to add confetti.

If you have several concerts on the same stage and you don't want to use the stairs every time, so you will need a mini Winch.


Attach the winch to the top of the stage first. Attach our AiR SnowStorm device to it.


Now you move up and down of the device with the remote.


You can buy a special mini Winch on our website.


This little device will make your performance Unforgettable!!!



- Available in four versions 

- Size is about 18cm*8cm

- Made from metal 

- AiR SnowStorm works on three AA batteries

- The AAA batteries are not included

- Remote control


This set includes:

SmowStorm device ( batteries not included ) – 1 pcs.

Remote control - 1pcs. 

Confetti - 1 pack



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