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SnowMic ( Hard case )

SnowMic ( Hard case )

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SnowMic is compact and stylish.
€ 1200.00

Trick + Video instruction

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days).




" I'm proud to be collaborating with the amazing creative of Victor Voitko on a new product. It is called SnowMic. It is very clever and have a good look at it. I hink you're going to be impressed."

                                                                      Kevin James. WORLD STAR of MAGIC and INVENTOR

SnowMic is compact and stylish.


Victor Voitko and Kevin James invented this new device for snow storm effect on the stage.


All you need for performance of snowstorm effect - it’s the Snow Mic and confetti!

The microphone is a natural object on stage. Our device is an imitation of a real microphone that generates an air flow.



 - Сompact size

 - Easy to use

 - Type-c charger

 - Battery lition 8000 mAh

 - Noise- 55 dB

 - The height of the microphone stand is adjustable

 - The height of the confetti is 3-4 meters

 - Available in soft bag or hard case

 - No remote control

 - Control the activation of the device by pressing the button with your foot


This set includes:

Special microphone for snowstorm - 1

Microphone stand - 1

Hard Case - 1

Charging type-c - 1

Confetti - 1

Gimmick for confetti - 1



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