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B Coffee Cup

B Coffee Cup

Art.No.: 486
Electronic Coffee Cup – Chop Cup 
€ 190.00

Prop + Video instruction 

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (shipins out within 5-8 business days).



NEW Chop Cup in a more friendly way of a coffee cup and it is perfect for amazing tricks that you can perform in front of your audience or on stage where you can even make balls appear, disappear, exchange, change color or whatever you think of! There are no magnets like old complicated cups, this is all new electronic devices that will allow you to focus on real magic! More variations and simple to use. I came up with amazing routines fast and easy, have a look in the video.



B Coffee Cup Specifications:

  • Rechargeable Battery up to 3 days of using!
  • USB Cable for charging
  • No magnets, only electronics device!
  • Height 70mm
  • Ø 60mm (at the top)
  • Weight 50gr

    This set includes:

    Coffee Cup - 1 
    Balls - 3

    USB Charger - 1



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