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Puzzle ring

Puzzle ring

Art.No.: 67
This routine combines several incredible and practical effects.
€ 100.00

Trick + Video instruction 

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days.


This routine combines several incredible and practical effects.

You can have either a long or a short version of the routine.

You show the ring on your index finger and then move it across two fingers to your little finger. Take the ring off your finger and give it to the viewer to check.

And when you give it for testing, it breaks up into 4 separate rings.

Now there are several options.

1. You put it on your finger and connect these rings into one by magic.

2. You invite the viewer to assemble this ring themselves. And after the viewer fails to assemble it, you collect it yourself. You can do it magically or normally.

3. You turn the disassembled ring into a whole, solid ring. And you give it to the viewer to check. You suggest disconnecting. Ocourse the viewer won't succeed because the ring is solid.

4. And in the finale you turn the ring into a giant ring. This ring can also split into several rings.


- Compact props

- Fast and easy setup

- Interactive trick

- You can involve viewers in the process

- You can select the duration of your routine 

- Convenient pouches for storage and carrying

- Incredible final

- Available in two sizes – 11size and 12 size

This set includes:   

- Gimmick ring -1

- Normal ring - 1

- Puzzle ring - 1

- Jumbo puzzle ring - 1

- Bags for storage and carrying - 2



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