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NanoNail ( Extreme set )

NanoNail ( Extreme set )

Art.No.: 49
An extreme trick that will surprise and shock your spectators.One gimmick and many different effects and endings.Each gimmick is handmade.
€ 65.00

Trick + Video instruction 

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days.


An extreme trick that will surprise and shock your spectators.

One gimmick and many different effects and endings.

Each gimmick is handmade.



The flexible nail looks like a real one even from a very close position; when tapped on metal and glass, it will produce a characteristic metallic sound.


Props allow to show the trick from any angle, possible 360°review. This provides unlimited opportunities for showings.




Effect 1.

You make a nail disappear in the viewer's hands in the most extreme way, when the viewer holds it between his open palms.


Effect 2.

It is safer when the viewer holds a checked nail in the napkin. You make the nail disappear from the napkin with one clap. The viewer is shocked when he sees this nail sticking out of your hand.


Effect 3.

You screw a metal nail onto your finger and then let a spectator test it. And the viewer cannot straighten it out.


Effect 4

You insert the nail into the stand, point up, and cover with a paper bag. And you make the nail disappear in the most shocking way by hitting the nail with your hand. You can do this with the viewer's hand.


Effect 5

You can bend the nail in the most incredible ways.


One gimmick - many shocking effects



 - Shocking effect.

 - Handmade.

 - Different endings.

 - Easy and fast learning.

 - No special skills required.

 - Compact.

 - Ability to demonstrate 360°.

 - Practical .

The extreme set includes:


Normal nail – 1

Flexible nail – 1

Holder for flexible nail – 1

Knot nail – 1

Bloods nail – 1

Bloods plastic gimmick – 1

Nail stand -1



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