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P.G.* Balloon 3.0

P.G.* Balloon 3.0

Art.No.: 79
*Pumping Gimmick for a Ballon A lot of effects and one gimmick.  
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Trick + Prop + Downloading video instruction

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"I played it now for the first time in my show and it is amazing!!"

                                                                      Jakob Mathias 

" Thank you very much. I'm super excited to have found you. I watched your video you linked in the email.. Amazing. I can't wait to play with the P.G. Ballon. What an incredible idea! "

                                                                                      Matt McRae 

"Amazing Victor what a great bit of magic!"

                                                                                    Jason Gray

*Pumping Gimmick for a Ballon

A lot of effects and one gimmick.

Imagine the magician, after completing swallowing a balloon reaches into his mouth and slowly starts to pull out a blown-up balloon! That's right - you have read it right... If you don't perform the swallowing balloon - no problem - be different by reversing the sequence and producing a blown up balloon from your mouth (it's a lot easier to learn too!). 

Either way you do it - it will get a big reaction!!!

 Ask yourself... Do you want to build a reputation? Do you want to permanently brand yourself? Do you want to make an unforgettable impression? If so - this is how you do it (and you would happily spend 20X the amount to achieve doing so). If you purchase this item - it's a small price to pay for the results and awareness you will get when you perform this illusion.

Examples of other effects.

Imagine that a magician is chewing gum and blowing bubbles, and then the magician turns the chewing gum into a blown-up ball, which he pulls out of his mouth. Then he swallows the ball back and turns it into a chewing gum.

You can get an inflated balloon from anywhere.

You can hide an inflated balloon in your hand or purse, and then pull it out, inflated and intact.

Air from a balloon can pass through your head through your ears to another balloon.


- Your hands are free during the performance.

- You need to wear a coat or a shirt ( you need clothes with sleeves to use gimmick ).

- You can turn the blowing off or on at any moment, unnoticed by the audience.

- The device is compact and lightweight.

- Battery is rechargable

- The device makes a quiet sound.

When using the device in silence, the noise of the device is heard.

- Must use music or audience distance to hide this sound.

- This gimmick does not inflate ANY ROUND balloons.

-  Runs by electricity.

- The weight of this prop is about 450 gr.

- The warranty is 6 months.

This set includes:

PG Balloon gimmick - 1

Charger - 1

Magnet holder - 1

Balloon - 3

The rules for the use and service of the device batteries.

If you do not use the device, you have to once a month, fully discharge the device and charge it again. If you do not do the battery maintenance, the device will break the device.

Fielding West is the one who came up with the idea of producing the balloon from his mouth after it has been swallowed. He featured this effect on his L & L Teaching Video, which has been on the market for a great many years Fielding West is a very nice guy and a fine comedy magician who has appeared here in Vegas for well over thirty years.




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