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SlLIDER+Slider T-shirt set

SlLIDER+Slider T-shirt set

Art.No.: 715
Buying this set you save 20 euros.
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€ 120.00

Trick + Accessory video instruction  

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days)

Slider is new system for the appearance/disappearance and the visible flight of various objects (suach as cards, coins, bills, spoons, forks and much more...) 


SLIDER T-shirt is made especially for the use of The SLIDER.

This T-shirt is sewn in such a way that you can use The SLIDER at a closer distance.

It makes use of The Slider more practical and convenient.



Buying this set you save 20 euros.



- We have two sizes of T-Shirt:  S-M and L-XL.

- This t-shirt is made of high-quality elastic material.



This set includes:

Slider system - 1

Jumbo coins for routines - 2

Magnet Jumbo Coin - 1

Pin - 1

T-shirt - 1

Bag for T-shirt - 1



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