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Production Table v.2. DeLuxe.

Production Table v.2. DeLuxe.

Art.No.: 304
An excellent start for different magic routines. 
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€ 600.00


Trick + Prop + Downloading video instruction


Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days).




An excellent start for different magic routines.

Many different objects appear on an absolutely empty table in one second. Yes, it is true: one second.

The vase with water and the three glasses with colored sand appear on the empty table - in one second

An excellent start for performing the famous trick - the Sands of The Desert.

The four objects appear on an absolutely empty table and you are ready to perform magic (Sands of The Desert trick).


The table is made of the polished aluminum with brass connectors. 
The table’s legs are untwisted to 5 parts and have brass connectors.  
No electronics.
Very easy to use.
Height of a table is 90 cm
The size of a table-top is 52cm*42cm
The weight with a bag is about 8,5 kg

The Production Table Set v.2 DeLuxe edition includes:

- the Production table

- the three special glasses. The height of the glass is about 17 cm.
- the vase is made from glass. The height of the vase is 8,5 cm. The diameter of the vase is 25 cm.
- the two shawls

- the downloading video instruction
- the protective bag for shipping



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