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Production Table

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Production Table v.3. Universal DeLuxe.

Two of our Production Tables in one. An excellent start for different magic routines.   
€ 850.00

Production Table v.4 VASE ( SAND )

An incredible start for performing Sands of The Desert trick and many other ones.On a completely empty table, a high vase of water and three glasses of colored sand appear, and you are ready to perform magic (Sands of The Desert trick). This happens in one or two seconds.Pre-order.
€ 690.00

Appearing rose and Self-Igniting Candle.

Firstly, the candle starts igniting by itself.After that, you get a fresh rose to appear in a flash of the candle flame.
€ 350.00

Production Table v.2. DeLuxe.

An excellent start for different magic routines. 
€ 650.00

Production Table v.1. DeLuxe.

An excellent start for different magic routines.The different objects appear on an absolutely empty table in one second. Yes, it's true: one second.  
€ 750.00

The Production Table v.1 Extra set.

There is an extra set for the Production Table v.1.This is a good option for those who buy our Production Table v.1 and want to show Sands of The Desert trick.Your dream is about to become real.Now you can perform the appearance of vases and bowls with sand using our Production table v.1
€ 80.00