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Appearing SnowStorming Fan v.2 “Liquid Black”

Appearing SnowStorming Fan v.2 “Liquid Black”

Art.No.: 271
One of the best trick for Christmas and New Years show!We’ve upgraded our Appearing SnowStorming Fan !
€ 120.00

Trick + Prop + Video instruction

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days)

2 killer effects in a row! 

First a BIG fan appears...

Second a lot of confetti snowstorm out of nowhere!!!

Please note these revolutionary points:

No extra confetti load from your hands, everything is self contained: just make the fan appear and everything flows until the climax.

Also,a new effect has been added:

You take three napkins, squeeze them, then fan appears and your napkins turn into multicolored confetti. The beginning of confetti appears of one color, then of another color, in the final of the third. You can use two napkins red and green for Christmas shows!

A lot of confetti snowstorm out of nowhere!


- Available in new 12 colors.

- Special hand-made strong fan with special gimmick for snowstorming.

- No extra confetti load from your hands

- No motor, no electricity

This set is included:

 SnowStorming fan - 1
 Gimmick for appearance of a fan - 1
 Pack of the confetti - 1
 Teaching video instruction - 1



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