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NanoNail ( Standart set )

NanoNail ( Standart set )

Art.No.: 50
An extreme trick that will surprise and shock your spectators.One gimmick and many different effects and finals.
€ 45.00

Trick + Video instruction 

Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days (ships out within 5-8 business days.


An extreme trick that will surprise and shock your spectators.

One gimmick and many different effects and finals.


Each gimmick is handmade.


The flexible nail looks like a real one even from a very close position; when tapped on metal and glass, it will produce a characteristic metallic sound.



Props allow to show the trick from any angle, possible 360°review. This provides unlimited opportunities for showings.




Effect 1.

You make a nail disappear in the viewer's hands in the most extreme way, when the viewer holds it between his open palms.


Effect 2.

It is safer when the viewer holds a checked nail in the napkin. You make the nail disappear from the napkin with one clap. 


Effect 3.

You screw a metal nail onto your finger and then let a spectator test it. And the viewer cannot straighten it out.



Effect 4

You can bend the nail in the most incredible ways.


One gimmick - many shocking effects.




 - Shocking effect.

 - Handmade.

 - Different endings.

 - Easy and fast learning.

 - No special skills required.

 - Compact.

 - Ability to demonstrate 360°.

 - Practical.


This set includes:


Normal nail – 1

Flexible nail – 1

Holder for flexible nail – 1

Knot nail – 1



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