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Stage and Parlor Magic

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i-Lite CUP v.2 RED + Glowing Ears

SOLD OUT. PRE - ORDERED. You can buy our i-Lite CUP complete with Glowing Ears.  Created by Victor Voitko and special thanks to Juan Mayoral! This i-Lite CUP is compatible with Multiclor TIE. LED Garland from the mouth is not included. Multicolor Tie is not included in this set.
€ 295.00

Production Table v.2. DeLuxe.

An excellent start for different magic routines. 
€ 600.00

The Vanishing Radio Stereo new

The new models!!! Vanishing radio is an old illusion, this version is very smart and very reallistic.
€ 850.00

B Candle On/Off

B Candle With Remote Ignition and Extinguishing
€ 330.00

Long Flame Candle

€ 220.00

Remote Control Candle without Candlestick.

Every amateur magician can do it!
€ 195.00

The Moneymaker

This Professional MoneyMaker Machine is meticulously hand-crafted down to the finest detail. There is magic trick!! This Monemaker does not print real money!!!
€ 440.00

The Appearing Folding Table. Classic Style

Table appears in the one second. 
€ 170.00

The Appearing-Folding Table. Cards Style

Table appears in the one second. 
€ 170.00

POP-UP Candle

This is the newest appearing candle.
€ 220.00

Electronic Manipulation Candles

Special Electronic Manipulation Candles are made for perfect manipulation.
€ 250.00

Super Vanishing Candle

This candle can be used with confetti or you can turn it in silk, magic ball or other props that are appearing  and disappearing gimmicks! 
€ 180.00

OneTouch Magic Wand. Remote control.

Magic Wand shoots confetti in the hands of a spectator. Very expressive, funny and very unexpected. 
€ 170.00

BB Vanising Cane v.3

At any time during an act magician picks up his cane with one hand and in a flash it changes to confetti, card fan, silk,fan of bills, a dove or something else.
€ 185.00

Double Silk Production and Ultimate Card Fan Production

A fantastic production of 2 silks (60x60 cm).
€ 185.00